10 Reasons to make Bhutan your next Holiday Destination

Bhutan – “The Land of the Thunder Dragon” always intrigued me. I always wanted to visit it and finally my dream came true and off I went on a soul-searching trip to the most elusive and tranquil destination I have ever seen.So, here, I have compiled a list of 10 Reasons to make Bhutan your next travel destination.

Palace of the King of Bhutan



1. Easy for Indians to Travel:

The stunning Paro Airport

If you are holding a valid Indian Passport then you do not need a visa to enter Bhutan. You just need a permit and the otherwise exorbitant minimum daily package required for all tourists is also relaxed for Indians so “difficult to travel” cannot be taken as a valid excuse.

2. It’s the Happiest Country in the World

The wonderful people of Bhutan

Bhutan’s constitution follows Gross National Happiness. It’s the only country which emphasizes on Gross National Happiness than Gross National Product. Bhutan focuses on development with value means the spiritual and personal development of the people along with commercialization.

3. Natural Beauty

Lush greenery and waterfalls with mountains as a backdrop are a common sight

The Kanchenjunga rises above the clouds

72% percent of Bhutan is under forest cover and a carbon neutral country. It’s a biodiversity hot-spot. It’s a country of mountains and valleys. The journey of this beautiful place starts with the incredible view of the snow peaked Himalayas as the plane touches Bhutan. The valleys covered with Rhododendrons are a sight to behold. In fact the Takin – National animal is also very rare and linked to legendary stories.

4. Tiger’s Nest

The Breathtaking Tiger’s Nest

Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s Nest is a sacred Monastery perched 900 meters above the ground on a cliff in the upper Paro Valley. This place is so stunning that no trip to Bhutan will ever be complete without a visit here. Built in 1692, it still functions as a monastery.

5. Buddhism

The 52m high Buddha Dordenma Statue

Buddhism reflects everywhere in this country. The Stupas, monasteries, fluttering prayer flags, Djongs, prayer wheels, temples, red robed Buddhist monks are almost a part of the landscape of this beautiful country and so are the sound of chants, chimes and gongs.

6. People

Spiritual and Material Happiness are equally important 

Bhutan is a beautiful country with 7,000,000 beautiful people. The people here are warm, simple and multi-ethnic. It’s hard to find a country where a king lives a simple life-like his subjects without any fanfare. Their main aim is environment sustainability and cultural preservation.

7. Food

A traditional Bhutanese Tea Pot

Bhutan does not believe in pesticides and chemicals hence all the food here is homegrown and organic. Chilies are integral to Bhutanese cuisine. In fact their national dish – Ema Datshi is a cheesy gravy loaded with big green chilies.

8. Cultural Art and Heritage

Another beautiful Statue

They celebrate their art and culture. Even though they have embraced modernization their desire to preserve the culture and nature is of utmost importance. Almost everyone, irrespective of their age wear their National dress.

9. Shopping

The Market at Thimpu

The people here value their natural resources hence they have mastered the art of weaving cane, bamboo products and textiles. A lot of handicrafts are available here along with jewelry and Bhutanese souvenirs too.

10. To find yourself

The Laidback Traveller

This country so full of beauty and tranquility where the people are happy, there is zero pollution, landscape is stunning that it is so easy to forget the pressures of city life and disconnect yourself from the clutches of modernization and reconnect with your inner self.

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Hope you find this blog of use to you. Do let us know about your experience at Bhutan or in case I am missing something, please contact us or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are most welcome.

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  1. Bhutan is totally on my bucket list and you have just pointed out the exact reasons for this! I love to read that it is actually the happiest country in the world – the aura here must be so wonderful! And the natural beauty – wow! How I would love to experience this one day. I also love the fact that they don’t use pesticides and chemicals in their food. One day I hope to go!

  2. Bhutan is adorable travel destination with many features. I love peaceful nature of this place. Also, the culture and people of Bhutan look interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Reason no. 1 is probably the most important one that I should have visited Bhutan by now but I haven’t! I don’t live in India anymore and geographically it is quite far for me now but I do plan a lot of trips with my family that travels from India and Bhutan is one good option. I would definitely have to visit Tiger’s Nest when I go, it’s on the top of my list! And like you mention, there’s so much natural beauty there, so why not!

  4. I love that Bhutan is the happiest country in the world! I’ve not been here, so it’s lovely to read about all the reasons to visit. The Tiger’s Nest looks intriguing, and it’s great to know the people are so friendly too! Will keep it in mind for sure.

  5. Bhuatn is such an enchanting country, full of natura beauty and charming culture. Loved reading your post Pooja, couldn’t have described Bhutan more beautifully. I would love to visit Paro and Thimphu, they are top of my bucket list.

  6. Bhutan definitely sounds and looks amazing! I’ve been doing a lot of research on it lately as I see it rising in popularity as a destination. You mention several great reasons for adding it to my bucket list, top of which for me as Tiger’s Nest and overall rich culture and history. It certainly looks and sounds like a great place to visit 🙂

  7. Oh I really want to visit and you have provided some great reasons to encourage me. Just need to find some free time now but it looks so amazing

  8. Oh, I can really add more reasons for visiting this country. I loved my visit here. Not only it is full of natural beauty and legends, the place has a vibe that just makes you happy. I wish I can go again. I definitely want to see more of the interiors in Bhutan

  9. Bhutan is on my bucket list! I had no idea so much of it was a forest! The people there seem so joyful and I love that their food and farming is so natural. Would love to go soak up the culture, art, shopping & scenery!

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