10 Places to visit in Maharashtra this Monsoon

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Love long drives in the rains? Me too. Rain makes the heart go romantic and believe me there is nothing more romantic than a long drive whist listening to the pitter-patter of the raindrops. This drive becomes magical when the road is next to a tranquil valley with cascading waterfalls. The Western Ghats in Maharashtra play the best host to the rains. So here’s a list of the 10 Places to visit in Maharashtra this Monsoon.

Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

I love rain. The dark sky, the thunder, the chill, the smell, the creepy crawlies I love them all. I find peace in the rain. Though I enjoy lazing around at home with a book and a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day but the western ghats always keep calling. Born and brought up in Pune the Western Ghats are one of my most visited and favorite places in the rains. The Western Ghats turn magical in the rains. When the grey sky becomes too gloomy the ghats offer me refuge with their lush greenery, colorful wildflowers and the white waterfalls cascading down out of nowhere.

10 Places to visit in Maharashtra this Monsoon

1. Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

This small hill station nestled in the Sahyadri Range is around 120 Kms from both Mumbai and Pune. It’s known for its dense foliage and many misty waterfalls. The road journey to reach Malshej is equally picturesque with stunning views of lakes and valleys. Its popular among trekkers too, the most visited is the Harishchandragad Fort.  Not only people but flamingos too come here in the monsoons all the way from Europe.

Although Malshej Ghat is a day trip from Mumbai or Pune, you can also choose to relax at this comfortable resort Saj by the lake.

2. Lonavla and Khandala

Lonavla Khandala Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

The twin hill stations of Lonavla and Khandala are still one of my favorite getaway destinations when I am in Pune. Its located between Pune and Mumbai, making it the closest and popular in both the cities. Rajmachi Fort, Karla Caves, Duke’s nose, Tiger’s Leap and the newly opened wax museums are the main attractions here. Do not miss to get drenched in Bushi Dam in Lonavla.

Although both Lonavla and Khandala are a day trip from Mumbai or Pune,  you can also choose to stay overnight at any of these cool destinations.

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 3. Mulshi Dam

Mulshi Dam Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

This beautiful dam amidst the Sahyadri Range is around an hours drive from Pune. Its surrounded with greenery that come alive during the rains. Apart from its beauty, Mulshi dam is also home to one of the largest power generation projects. Tamhini Ghat a mountain passage between Mulshi and Tamhini is also a must visit tourist destinations with its share of greenery and waterfalls.

4. Matheran

Matheran Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

This smallest hill station in India is only a 2 hour drive from Mumbai. In-spite of being small this place has almost 40 spots with spectacular views of sunrises and sunsets. But the best thing about this place is that its vehicle free and hence pollution and buzz free. The only mode of transport here is the small gauge train, or on horse back. Walking here during the monsoons is like walking through the clouds.

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5. Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller


Lohagad is about 50kms from Pune. This fort sits at an altitude of 3400 feet. Like the other forts in Maharashtra, this one too is a perfect blend of architecture and nature. The monsoons make the trek to this fort more exciting. The rains fill up the ponds on the top of the fort that can also be divided into. do not miss visiting Kalra Caves, Bhaja Caves and Vinchu Kata (a part of the hill that looks like a scorpion’s sting).

6. Bhimashankar

Bhimashankar Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

This one is my childhood favorite. It’s about 120 kms from Pune and is perfect for a days outing. Located at an altitude of 3200 feet, Bhimashankar is surrounded by hills covered in thick rain-forest.  The source of river Bhima, also has a famous Lord Shiva temple. Come here with a picnic basket and get ready to get drenched in its pristine beauty.

7. Mahabaleshwar

Mahableshwar Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

Though Mahabaleshwar is a favorite destination all year round, its beauty reaches new levels in the monsoons. The green foliage on the misty mountains give a perfect backdrop to your photos. Try not to miss the Lingamala waterfalls cascading into Venna lake as it comes alive in this season.

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8. Bhandardara

Bhandardara Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

Bhandardara is about 170 Kms from Pune. This quaint little hill station is often considered as pit stop on the way to Nashik but it’s also known for its trekking trails. Mount Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashra is a famous trekking site. The place is dotted with picturesque waterfalls that converge in Arthur Lake. The Wilson Dam is another attraction here.

9. Thoseghar Falls

Thoseghar Falls Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

Waterfalls come alive in the rains and the best way to enjoy them is getting drenched underneath. Thoseghar Falls is one such place you would not want to miss. The place is so peaceful and quiet that the only sound you hear is of the gushing water.

10. Andharban

Andharban Western Ghat Maharashtra LaidBacktraveller.com Laid Back Traveller

This place is so abundant with thick foliage that it’s always dark here hence the name, Andharban or the dark forest. This trek is thrilling as well as exciting. The trek overlooks the Kundalika Valley, Bhira Dam and Tamhini Ghat. river rafting can also be done at the Kundalika river.


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Hope you find this blog of use to you. Do let us know about your experience at Western Ghats or if I am missing something, please contact us or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are most welcome.

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  1. I loved in Bombay for 3 years (that was 7 years ago) and I cannot believe that I did not visit ALL these places you’ve listed here. Maybe because I did not have a car at the time! I loved the monsoons there, unlike many other people who would complain about how the rains would go on forever and I did visit Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala and Khandala during the monsoon season and it was absolutely amazing!

  2. Although I’m not familiar in these places and haven’t been here, still a great recommendation for those heading their way to Maharashtra in this monsoon season. I would particularly like to visit the waterfall, as it gets really green and overflowing with fresh water in rainy seasons as well as so peaceful and refreshing! One must be careful tho because it might be slippery.

  3. Love love love your post! Living in Mumbai all the places you listed above are great for a weekend getaway for me. I’m planning a visit to Bhandardara this monsoon, reading your post I have added few more posts. Never heard of Andharban, sounds magical though.

  4. All of these places are so serene and bursting with natural beauty. India has so many areas like this and I’d love to visit one day to see some. The falls are probably my favourite, just because I like to be by water, and hear the sound of it gushing down.

  5. Mumbai has some great get away places and whand better way to e joy the monsoon. As you stated romantic long drives the best way to enjoy the rain. I knew about Lonavla and mahabaleshwar but not about the others. Thanks fir sharing these new places. If I was ever around there during the monsoon surely willl drive along.

  6. What a great idea! So many of us shy away from road trips when it rains. And the places you’ve listed look like they’d look more alive (like the water falls) when it rains. You’ve given me a new perspective!

  7. I love your pictures of Maharashtra’s natural beauty. It made me want to do a trip there soon. Lohagad Fort looks especially stunning. I almost thought it was in Scotland!

  8. The Monsoons of Maharastra are famous and they bring such happy memories.
    Some of these drives are very very picturesque and road trips have their own fun. Though I have not done all, its a great list.
    Lovely pictures too.

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