Complete Guide to Singapore Family Holiday

It is rightly said that, “Travel in the younger sort is an education and in the elder, a part of experience”. While travelling as a family, we not only makes deposits in the memory banks of children but also ignite their imagination. Travelling creates memories that children cherish forever. Its always better to travel to a kid friendly destination and Singapore is the perfect place to create memories. So here’s a Complete Guide to Singapore Family Holiday.

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

Singapore is an Architectural Marvel

Complete Guide to Singapore Family Holiday

What makes Singapore Special

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The amazing Skyline

The Tiny Island-State of Singapore has abundant family attractions for kids. There are attractions that suit all age groups. The confluence of cultures found here and the urbanization, make Singapore a most sought after destination in Asia. No matter how many days you plan to stay here, there will always be something left for the next visit. To make the planning for your trip easier scroll further.

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Iconic Supertrees

Singapore Weather

As Singapore is situated near the eqautor, it has a typical tropical climate. The abandunt rains makes it humid all the time. The weather is pretty much the same all year round. The temperatures range from 25°C to 31°C. Humidity is in the range of 70% – 80%.

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Cloud Forest

Check out the latest weather report for Singapore here

Best Time to Visit Singapore

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Fast pace City

Since the weather is the same all year round you can visit it any time of the year. However, January is the coolest month and June is the hottest. Due to the hot and humid weather its always better to wear light comfortable clothing. Most of the buildings and public transport are air conditioned so you will hardly feel the heat while travelling.

Pro Tip: Its always better to carry an umbrella or a rain gear with you to save yourself from the intermittent rain.

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Food here is an amalgamation of different Cultures



As per the constitution Malay is the national language in Singapore. However English is widely spoken. Other official languages are Mandarin and Tamil.

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Streets


Visas are not required by select nationalities. The validity of a visa depends on the nationality. Indians do require a Visa and the duration of stay in Singapore cannot exceed 30 days. There is no visa on arrival for Indians, however they can opt for and E-Visa. The cost of Visa is Rs. 2500/- To enter Singapore a valid passport for at-least six months beyond the date of departure is required by all.


Arguably one of the best airports, Changi Airport in Singapore is also among the most busiest ones. It serves more than 100 countries so getting here is not a problem. In-fact this airport is a city in itself with its own list of attractions, dining and of course shopping.

The low cost airlines catering to Singapore from India are Air Asia, Malindo Air and Garuda-Indonesia. We found that Air Asia offers the cheapest fares without meals and baggage. Other airlines which operate to Bali from India are Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines and Air India.

Pro Tip 1: You should plan early and book the flights first but not later than 8 weeks before the flight departure date although we booked our flights during an Air Asia flash sale some 8 months prior the flight departure date. Everything else such as airport transfers, hotel bookings, car rentals, sightseeing options, sim cards, etc. can be taken care of later once the flights are booked.

These low cost airlines however have an additional charge for the cabin baggage which needs to be booked after you  finalize the flights. However, you have the option to book the baggage for any one passenger only. So basically you need to estimate the baggage required for the trip and pay only for what you need to carry.

Pro Tip 2: You should keep a lookout for flash sales and book your return airfare to Singapore as soon as you get it under INR 20,000 per person from Delhi, including excess baggage. To keep it cost effective, try choosing flights which have a lay over (Kuala Lumpur for Air Asia & Malindo) and a total duration of between 10 to 12 hours. Also, it is possible that in the absence of flash sales, the flights with a layover may be available for around INR 22000 per person.

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Getting Around

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

Its one of the safest countries to travel

Getting around Singapore is very easy. The public transport is so good that you need not rent a car. In-fact we comfortably managed our 8 Day in Singapore by MRT and Bus only, including to and from the airport. We had a kid in a stroller still we were could easily manage it. All the places are so well connected that all you need is a map and a bus schedule to get around the City.

If you plan to use the public transport frequently during your stay or if you plan to keep visiting Singapore often, then, buying a EZ-Link card is a worthwhile purchase. The card costs 12$ with a 7$ stored value. It can be easily recharged at any 7-Eleven stores. The validity of these cards is 5 years.

There is also the option of a Singapore Tourist Pass. This pass provides unlimited travel via MRT and non premium buses. This pass also gives discounts on many tourists attractions. The cost is 104 for 1 day, 16$ for 2 days and 20$ for 3 days.

These cards can be purchased at a discounted rate here.


Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

Traffic is well organised

Taxis in Singapore use meter with the fares being slightly on the higher side. When travelling in a group it can be cheaper than a MRT. Taxis are usually hard to find especially in a crowded area or in peak times.

By Rail

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Metro Map (PC- Online)

The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and LRT (Light Rail Transit) make up Singapore’s transit system. They are affordable, reliable and cover almost all the main attractions of Singapore. Moreover these are also stroller friendly. Its perfect for families with kids. All the lines are seamlessly integrated. There is also a Changi Airport Extension that can be used for airport transfers. Just get a map and your travel is sorted.

You can check out the rates of transport option here.


Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

Its easy to travel around

Buses are slower than MRTs but you get to City while using them. Buses can be used while visiting the Jurong Bird Park and the Mandi Area that houses the Zoo, and Safari. The bus schedule that shows the bus timings, stops and terminal number is easily available at any bus terminal. It can also be downloaded.

Sim Card

It’s always a better idea to have a local number to stay connected in a new country. Sim cards are cheap and you can book it here and collect it at the airport itself. There are counters at the airport where you will get it before exiting the airport.

Places to visit in Singapore

Gardens By the Bay

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Magical Super Trees

One glimpse of this place and you are transported to a futuristic Sci-Fi world. This place cannot be explained it has to be experienced.  The Flower Dome, Supertree Grove, Cloud Forest, OCBC Skyway, Heritage Garden and Art Sculptures will keep you mesmerized. The Supertree Grove is awe inspiring and try not to miss the Garden Rhapsody show here. This is must visit for kids to show them the amazing flora our Earth has on offer. The lights and sound show is spectacular and the tickets of which are available at a discounted rate here.


Little India

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Carvings on the Temple

In case you are missing India, head over to Little India and you will be transported back to India (not Literally). This buzzing ethnic place shows us the cultural side of Indians settled in Singapore. Its known for its shopping too especially the Mustafa Shopping Center. The Sri Veeramalaiamman Temple, though difficult to pronounce is worth visiting here. If you fancy Indian food, then here you will be spoilt for choices. This was our place to go whenever my kid craved for a Dosa.

China Town

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Like Little India this is another ethnic part of Singapore. China Town stands apart from rest of Singapore as it displays its rich culture in the form of ornate Chinese temples, the decorated streets in red and gold and the flavor of the food that are sold in old shop-houses lining the bustling streets. this place looks best at dusk with the Chinese lanterns swaying in the breeze. Apart from the tasty local food you can shop for some interesting Made In China Wares too. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a must visit here.

Jurong Bird Park

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The very pretty pink famingos

Birds, Birds and more Birds. Jurong Bird Park is Asia’s largest Bird Paradise. It houses around 5000 birds over 400 different species in open spaces. This is a fun activity for young and old alike. Try not to miss the interactive shows that are entertaining as well as informative.

Pro Tip: Its advisable to book the tickets prior to avoid the long queues. We booked ours here. The park area is huge so there is quite an amount of walking involved so its better to take a tram ride. this way you can cover more exhibits in less time.

Singapore Airport

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Butterfly Garden

Undoubtedly Singapore Airport is one of the best airports around. Its worth checking in before time here. There is so much to experience here. From stylish seating, amazing collection of orchids to live jazz music, this airport has it all. If you have time to spare some of the attractions that should not be missed are the kinetic rain dance centerpiece and the  cactus, waterlily and sunflower garden.

Ferris Wheel

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Lighted up Ferris Wheel

A 45 minutes Ferris wheel ride shows us incredible obstructive view of Singapore. The ride is much more exciting after sunset when the city’s skyline lights up in spectacular colors. Enclosed in a glass capsule, all the main attractions like Marina Bay, DNA Helix bridge and the Super trees can be seen. Whats more.. You can even book a personal capsule and have a romantic dinner. The tickets for the rides can be booked at a discounted rate here.


Clark’s Quay

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Spectacular Clark’s Quay

Clark’s Quay is known for its stunning collection of waterside restaurants and bars and clubs. The walk along the waterfront amidst the glittering lights is a lovely experience. This historical landmark is built on the banks of the Singapore River and a boat ride is a perfect way to experience this City especially the famous Merlion Statue.

Singapore River Safari

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The main attraction here

This river themed zoo and aquarium is dedicated exclusively to the rain-forest region. This park depicts the 10 different ecosystems of the world. Its main feature is the river boat ride called the Amazon River Quest, which takes you to close to 30 wildlife species of the Amazon river. The star attraction here are two giant pandas a male and a female which are kept in a completely different enclosure.

Pro-Tip: This park is nestled between the Singapore Zoo and night safari so all these three attractions can be clubbed together on a single day. You will also save on the tickets if you do so. Click here to know more.

Singapore Night Safari

Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The exciting Night Safari

There is something mystifying about nocturnal creatures. Amiable as well as wild. Imagine visiting these creatures in their own private enclosures in complete darkness. The Singapore Night Safari does just that and the results are enthralling.

Pro Tip: You need an entry ticket to enter the Night Safari and it is advisable to book your tickets online to save time and energy as you can then skip the long ticketing queues. We bought our tickets from Klook Travel, with good discounts, very convenient and the booking confirmations came instantly.

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Singapore Zoo


Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

Lazing Around

The rain-forest themed zoo housing more than 300 animal species, is fascinating for kids and adults alike. The freely roaming animals and interactive sessions with them make it an experience to cherish.

The impression of a zoo, what we had in mind was that of animals caged, alone in an enclosure that in no way resemble their natural habitat. so here we were in a bit of shock. This was nothing like that in fact Singapore Zoo was more like an interactive experience with the animals.

We bought our tickets from Klook Travel, with good discounts, very convenient and the booking confirmations came instantly.

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Universal Studios


Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

Kiddo with her Favorite Bumble Bee

This place is a must visit even if you are not a movie buff. Universal Studios is divided into 7 themes of New York City, Sci-Fi City, Lost World, Far Far Away, Ancient Egypt, Hollywood and Madagascar. Each theme has its own array of rides, restaurant, shopping and street entertainment. Try not to miss the Transformers ride. Its one of a kind experience.

Pro Tip: Its a good sized park so better to book tickets online and reach early so that you can cover maximum attractions since it closes at 6 pm. The Express Pass is a good option as it reduces the waiting time.

Klook Offers heavy discounts on the Universal Studios, Singapore ticket price.

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Complete guide to Singapore Family Holidays

The Fun never stops here

Dive into the fun filled Sentosa Island for an awesome family-friendly experience. There is so much happening in Sentosa and with so many options to choose from you are spoiled for choice. Sentosa is an island off Singapore’s southern coast. It is just 15 minutes from Singapore City.

Whether your  looking for thrills, wildlife or family attractions Sentosa has lots to offer. The Sentosa Fun Pass by Klook Travel is affordable with great discounts and offers 19 attractions; making sure that you are not strapped in your choice of fun.

Places to Stay in Singapore

Singapore has a huge variety of staying options available that suit all the budgets. From the luxurious Marina Bay to a cozy homestay Singapore has it all.

Book Your Stay in Singapore  or Check out the Hotel Prices Here

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