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Laid Back Traveller is a family travel blog aspiring to provide useful insights for cheaper & smarter travel with kids. Based on our varied travel experience, we focus on providing useful travel tips, ideas, perspectives and resources for families who are hesitant to travel with kids, to make their next family travel enjoyable. Hopefully we will inspire enough families to come out of their comfort zone and go experience places as we consistently do. We would then consider Laid Back Traveller a success. We hope to have your encouragement and support in realizing this dream.


pooja with anika about us laid back traveller laidbacktraveller.comPooja

Hi, I am Pooja. With a degree in engineering and Masters in Finance, I worked in the financial sector for some time until marriage. My life now is an amalgamation of mundane and that of a digital nomad. The meaning of travel to me meant different at different stages of life. During childhood it was about family time and a happy break from school routine, the locales hardly mattered then. During college, the travels used to bring welcome breaks but were also accompanied by thoughts of assignment deadlines.

The travel bug actually hit me after I completed my education and started earning. That’s when a casual conversation with my close friend took us backpacking across South East Asia. It was then I actually started experiencing places than just visiting them. Thus started a zeal to explore to satisfy my wanderlust.

After marriage things just worked out better for me thanks to my equally zealous Hubby. Accompanied by our daughter who is ever ready to get out of home, we often set sails on many interesting (and sometimes crazy) family adventures with dreams to travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

manish about us laid back traveller laidbacktraveller.comManish

Namaste! A passionate traveller at heart and now a blogger as well. Thanks to my merchant navy career, travelling has always been an integral part of my professional life. Eternally fascinated by the World of Travelling especially meeting new people, learning new cultures, experiencing their customs or just trying out some new cuisines. Off late, I’ve been exploring places with my family where my job has not taken me.

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Thanks again, and who knows, hopefully we could be your inspiration and give you tips for your own family adventures with kids!


Pooja and Manish

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