Namaste! A passionate traveller at heart and now a budding blogger, well.. behind the scene mostly. However, for as long as I can remember, the sheer amount of beauty offered in the world has always fascinated me. If anything has made sense to me consistently in this chaotic world, it is the World of Travelling! Even after spending 20 years in the shipping industry with relentlessly slogging to climb up the ladder, my appetite for exploring still remains persistent if not more. Now, being a Captain on Merchant Naval vessels, perhaps still makes me Nomadic in essence. As luck would have it, the best part now is that I get to share my travels with my equally zealous better-half and a sweet out-going daughter. Mail me at

Travel Resources for a perfect family holiday

A list of our all time favorite family travel resources which over the period we have come to firmly trust. We regularly update this family travel resources page and only the best out there are mentioned to help you find the best deals whether it be the cheapest flights, tours, accommodation and anything else that’s travel related for planning your next great family holiday.

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