Luwak Coffee

Trying out local food is the best and cheapest way to experience the essence of a new place. This is the reason gastronomic tourism is spreading widely. People are motivated to travel to places to indulge in their local fare. But sometimes the local dishes can be quite exotic and hard to stomach. Just like the Kopi Luwak or Luwak Coffee.

Luwak Coffee Laid Back Traveller

A cup of Luwak Coffee

Bali is a food lovers paradise. Indonesia is an amalgamation of different cultures and this can be experienced in its food too. Arabica coffee is widely grown in the Kintamani area of Bali. Like all the other things in this island, farming is also considered sacred.

Arabica coffee Luwak Coffee Laid Back Traveller

The Coffee Plantations

Luwak Coffee

Asian Palm Civet Luwak Coffee Laid Back Traveller

The Asian Palm Civet

Asian palm civet or Luwak is a small cat like animal that mainly feeds on coffee cherries. Locals observed that the coffee seeds still remain undigested in its fecal remains. So they collected, cleaned, roasted and powdered it to give the world a unique but most expensive coffee ever. The Luwak Coffee. This unique method of processing increases its monetary value.

Hand Roasted coffee Luwak Coffee Laid Back Traveller

My L.O. trying her hand at roasting Coffee

The coffee beans here are manually roasted and powered to give it an earthly feel and taste.

Kintamani near Mount Batur is lined with coffee plantations and its a must to visit one of these and also taste the Luwak Coffee.

setting Luwak Coffee Laid Back Traveller

The Beautiful Setting 

These plantations are full of lush greenery with different types of vegetation. You can visit any one of them as they all are almost similar. These Coffee plantations will show you how the humble bean is turned into a strong flavorsome coffee.

Tea and Coffee Blends Luwak Coffee Laid Back Traveller

The vast blends of Tea and Coffee to sample

Moreover you can also sample over 10 varieties of tea and coffee including some interesting blends like the ginseng coffee, vanilla coffee, lemongrass tea and hibiscus tea.

homegrown wine and Cigar Luwak Coffee Laid Back Traveller

The homegrown wine and cigars

If you are up for it you can even try the Luwak Coffee at 50000 IDR which is about INR 250. We are no coffee connoisseurs but found it very smooth and different to the robust flavor of Balinese coffee. Apart from sampling these blends you can even purchase to take them back home.

These coffee plantations also have unique species of snakes and birds like the Owl and a Bat, you can take a picture with at an extra cost.

We trying to get friendly with a bat and a snake


Pro Tip 1: This trip can be clubbed with the Kintamani and Mount Batur Volcano tour.

Pro Tip 2: The entire area while reaching these plantations is surrounded with orange and guava orchards and its worth sampling this fresh produce.

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