Coorg – A truly captivating destination

Have you ever felt like going some place where you can rejuvenate your senses? Well then Coorg is just the place for you. The serenity and refreshing greenery of Coorg is enough to breath new life into you.

One fine morning hubby came across a place named Coorg. We were looking for an offbeat destination for our next holiday and this place caught our fancy. It intrigued us and decided to explore it. But at the same time we didn’t have many expectations from this place as we were visiting it during the rainy off-season.

We landed in Bangalore from Delhi and set off for Madikeri in a taxi booked by our resort itself. Coorg or Kodagu is a district in Karnataka and Madikeri is the district headquarters. It’s about 260 Km from Bangalore and took us about 6 hours to reach our resort with some halts on the way.

The good roads and the pleasant climate made the drive beautiful but the best thing about the drive was the lush greenery on the countryside which was a wide contrast to the dry and arid climate of Delhi. The non stop rain made it even more amazing.

Madikeri known as Scotland of India, is a small quintessential district and believe me it does not disappoint. Its misty hills, the beautiful and serene tea and coffee plantations, the aromatic spice gardens, the undulating roads make it truly captivating and rejuvenate your senses. It’s the largest producer of coffee in India and the vast coffee plantations are a sight to behold.

Abbey Falls:

Abbey Falls, Things to do in Coorg, Places to visit in Coorg

The majestic Abbey Falls!

The first site we visited in Coorg was Abbey Falls. It was at a distance if about 10 km from our resort. The falls are in the midst of an enchanting lush green foliage and the short walk through it to reach the falls is endearing. The hidden falls suddenly seemed to appear although the roar of the cascading waters could be heard from a distance. The flow was very high due to monsoons and the sight of the majestic falls from the hanging bridge was breathtaking.

 Raja’s Seat:

The next stop was an even more breathtaking sunset seen from the gardens of Raja’s Seat where according to legends the kings of Coorg spent their evenings taking in the beauty of the place. As the sun set, the few thin strips of clouds on the horizon turned shimmering gold


Deer park at Nisargdhama, things to do in coorg, places to visit in coorg

Deer park at Nisargdhama

On the second day we left for Nisargdhama; a small island formed by the river Kaveri which is accessible through a hanging rope bridge. The Kaveri flowing through a woody heaven of bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees make the island visit worthwhile. The major tourist attraction available there are boating, children’s park, elephant rides and a deer park where you can also feed them.


The next place on our list was Talakaveri, source of the sacred Kaveri river. It’s on a hill by a small temple dedicated to Goddess Kaveriamma. The small ascend gives a picturesque view of clouds of mist and fog floating over the hills and dense green forests. It was even more memorable for us as a heavy downpour caught us off guard. Without any rain gear with us, it soaked us to our bones. But it was nevertheless very romantic.

Namdroling Tibetan Monastery:

18 meters high gold-plated statues at Namdroling monastery, things to do in coorg, places to visit in coorg

18 meters high gold-plated statues at Namdroling monastery

When we visited the Namdroling Monastery we were quiet taken aback by the grandeur and aura of it. It’s also known as the Golden Temple due to the jaw dropping 18 meters high gold-plated Buddha statue it houses. The statues along with the beautiful paintings of Tibetan mythology and the decorated altar make the monastery a must visit. It hosts over 5000 monks still one can feel the peace and tranquility of the Sanctum Sanatorium. It not only attracts many of young Tibetans seeking enlightenment but also huge number of tourists.

Monk's accommodation at Namdroling Monastery, places to visit in coorg, things to do in coorg

Monk’s accommodation at Namdroling Monastery

Heavy rains and landslides limited our sightseeing options but we were far from disappointed. We visited Coorg a long time ago but the aroma of fresh cardamom, fragrance of the coffee, the pollution free climate, the freshness of the lush greenery of this austere beauty Coorg still remains fresh in our hearts and will continue so for many more years to come.


Hope you find this article interesting. Do let us know about your stay in Coorg or in case I am missing something, please contact us or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are most welcome.

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