Flight Review: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines New World Business Class 787-9 From New Delhi To Amsterdam

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – KL 872 (code share with Air France)
New Delhi to Amsterdam
Depart: 03:45 AM (GMT + 5:30 Hrs)
Arrive: 08:20 AM (GMT + 1:00 Hr)
Duration: 9 Hours
Aircraft: Boeing Dreamliner 787-9
Seat: New world business class Full flat seats – 7G

Laid Back Review: KLM’s New world business class seats aboard the Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 provided a perfect Laid Back ride between New Delhi to Amsterdam. It ticked the right check boxes in privacy, comfort and service.

klm royal dutch airline

On a recent trip to UK for joining a vessel, I flew from New Delhi (Del) to Amsterdam (AMS) in KLM’s 787-9 Boeing Dreamliner. Here I got the chance to try out its New world business class full flat seats.

As with other dreamliners on which I was fortunate enough to have travelled, KLM’s Business class aboard the 787-9 made the ride very comfortable between New Delhi and Amsterdam.


A day earlier, I was trying to check-in since I like to choose my seats in advance for more privacy, comfort and better location. I was able to select the seats but the boarding passes could not be issued since due to documentation checks they wanted me to be present at the check-in counter. Also, since I am a Jet privilege member I decided to credit my miles that I earned to my Jet privilege account as Jet airways is an alliance partner of AirFrance/KLM Royal Dutch.

The flight was scheduled at 03:45 AM, so I had decided to reach at New Delhi International Airport (Del) at 01:30 AM. Since I had a Business class ticket, I was able to check in and drop my bags at the Priority section after the documentation checks such as passport, guarantee letters and OKTB since I did not need any visa for joining a vessel.

KLM/Air France ALLWAYS lounge

The security check was cleared quickly. Perks of business class ticket! ūüôā By 02:00 AM, I was already at the KLM/Air France ALLWAYS lounge in the Hotel & Lounges B area of the airport. It is by invitation only which basically means that you need to have a business class ticket to gain entry and it cannot be accessed by the debit/credit cards Visa/MasterCard program.

KLM/Air France ALLWAYS lounge

The lounge was about 20% occupied at 02:00 AM. It had a good seating area in the middle with the bar on one side and the buffet on the other. The electronics could be charged at the central seating area. A decent spread of items were on offer at the buffet such as salads, cold cuts, various breads, peanuts, nachos, yogurt, Thai chicken soup, rice, one paneer gravy dish and one chicken gravy dish. Although there was a coffee machine but it was out-of-order at that moment. They promised me that the machine will be fixed and I would get my coffee soon to lift my mood so late in the night  but I had to leave for the boarding at 03:00 AM with hopes that the mood would be lifted in the flight.

The bar also had a decent collection of various wines, spirits and beer but I was still having the red-eye so was looking forward to having my coffee first.


It took about 10 minutes leisure walk to reach to gate 20. It was a leisure walk since I was leaving home to go to work for the next 3 months, I could not expect myself to be excited for it. So there I was at the boarding gate 20 (thinking wishfully in vain that the flight gets cancelled, so I can head back home). Boarding had already started right at the scheduled time 03:05 AM. The passengers were boarding through two doors, one for business class and one for everyone else.

New world Business class cabin and seats

There was one business class cabin and followed by the economy class. There were 30 full-flat bed new world business class reverse-herringbone seats with 1-2-1 configuration, with each seat having direct aisle access. The large windows let you look outside even if you don’t have a window seat. There were 8 rows with 1 seat each on either side of the cabin however, the center of the cabin had only 7 rows with 2 seats each. Each seat had 42 inches pitch and the best part: It transformed into a fully horizontal bed! When fully flat, the sleeper seats become more than 2.0 m which is just perfect for a good laid back rest which I was craving for!

Instant plan made: Forget Coffee, Sleep like a baby! ūüôā¬† Was kind of glad that the coffee machine was out-of-order¬†at New Delhi Airport. Thanks ALLWAYS lounge!

However, little did I know then that the flight already had a different plan set out for me!

klm 787-9 new world business class seats laid back traveller

Economy & Economy-Comfort seats

Behind the business class there were 48 seats of economy comfort seats further followed by 216 standard Economy class seats, all in 3-3-3 pattern. Economy comfort seats had a pitch of 35 inches & Economy seats had a pitch of 31 inches. In the economy class, only 6 seats have extra leg room in Row 30 (A, B, C, H, J, K). The economy seats have 10.4 inch in-flight entertainment screens and own power sockets too.

Back to getting pampered

Meanwhile, I was looking forward to get pampered in the new world business class cabin. I was already getting used to the privacy and comfort of the reverse-herringbone seats. Now was time to experience the amenities and service!

klm dreamliner laid back traveller new world flat seats

New world business class full flat seats on the¬†KLM’s 787-9 Boeing Dreamliner

The Seat

Small compartment for small personal items plus a vanity kit

The seat came with a small compartment for personal items such as wallet / phone. It also has a USB socket and a universal adapter. The contents of the vanity kit were a comb, tooth-brush, tooth paste, eye mask, ear plugs and a pair of socks.

Full Flat Seat Controls

Seat position control buttons

The first button with arrows moves the seat forward and backwards while reclining the back rest. The second button upon being pressed, reclines the seat completely making it fully flat. The third button is for making the seat upright. The light button controlled the light around the base of the seat.

Personnel Inflight Entertainment

So finally I got around to check out the inflight entertainment. Each new world business class seats had its own 17 inch personnel inflight entertainment HD touch screens. It came along with a handheld remote as well. The HD touch screen could be adjusted to make it right in front of the seated passenger.

There was a lot of options from movies and TV to choose from and many suited my interests. After spending some time in deciding, I put on the noise cancelling head phones and off I was in another world.

klm new world business class full flat seats laid back traveller


During my flight, wifi was not available, however, now wifi is available on all Boeing 787’s, although I am not sure if it is value for money.

Food & Beverage

I had heard a lot about the care which KLM took with regards to the overall food experience, service and ambiance. So naturally, this was one experience I was eagerly looking forward to. And they didn’t disappoint!

As soon as the flight took off and reached the cruising altitude, the cabin staff immediately sprung up to action and started handing out the Food and Beverage menu selection. On this KLM 787-9 flight from New Delhi to Amsterdam, they were serving a choice between a traditional Indian dish developed by the renowned Oberoi group from India, or a Western style menu.

Supper (Served 1 Hour after departure)

Choice of appetizers were Tandoori prawns, harissa chicken and dahi papad. Well cooked and succulent it had started tingling my taste buds.

In the Main Course, I had a choice of:

  • Palak kofta with paneer, dal tadka and onion pulao, served with mango chutney and saunf supari upon request. Paneer being a staple diet in Delhi, I already eat a lot of Indian food so wanted to try something different.
  • Chicken stew with rosemary jus, grilled zucchini and ratatouille. This is what I chose for my main course.
  • Main meal light option: Mushroom soup. For some reason,¬†I just cannot bring myself to choose a light menu option during travelling. Something I need to work on!

Side dish: Cheddar and Gruyère cheese plate took the food to another level.

Dessert: Berry cheese cake with berry compote. Delicious, perhaps sent from food heaven!

After the main meal, along with tea or coffee, a liqueur and a KLM house made of Belgium Callebaut chocolate.

What I particularly liked was the exquisite cutlery provided which enhanced the overall experience.

klm royal dutch airlines new business class 787-9 food laid back traveller

Fine cutlery to go with the Supper served after take off

Wine selection

There was a selection of 5 world-class wines to go with the food, of which 3 were White and 2 Red.

White Wines choices:

  • De Kleine Schorre Schouwen-D¬ģuivenland 2016 from Zeeland, Netherlands. They said that it can be enjoyed with appetizers, salads, seafood & fish.
  • Seigneurie de Balbiac 2016 from Limoux, France. This one combines perfectly with fish & poultry.
  • Esterh√°zy Gr√ľner Veltliner 2017 from Burgenland, Austria. This one goes well with fish, salads and spicy poultry dishes.

Completely unfamiliar with these names!   To gather more knowledge about wines is in my bucket list and it remains unchecked!

Red Wines choices:

  • Vidal Reserve Pinot Noir 2016 from Marlborough, New Zealand. They said that this one is a treat with lamb, veal, pork and poultry.
  • Corriente 2016 from Rioja, Spain. This one is perfect with lamb or beef dishes and hard cheeses. However, since I am not so fond of white wines, I settled for this one. I am no wine connoisseur, however I found the taste enjoyable!¬†

klm royal dutch airlines new business class 787-9 food laid back traveller

Loved the combination of wine and cheese

Liqueurs available in the flight

Cocktails: The Flying Dutchman cocktail was available which is the KLM signature cocktail by legendary dutch distiller Bols.

Also, other alcoholic cocktails available in the flight were Mimosa (Champagne and orange juice), Cuba Libre (Bacardi white rum, Coca Cola, Lemon) and Jack & coke (Jack Daniel’s whiskey and coke).

Non-alcoholic drinks available in the flight were Virgin cosmopolitan (Cranberry juice, sparkling water, lemon), Orange fizz (Orange juice, tonic water, lemon) and Apfelschorle (Apple juice, sparkling water).

Alcoholic beverage had a variety of choices between beer, spirits, Cognac, Liqueurs, Port wine and desert wine.

In beers, Heineken was available along with alcohol free beer. I am still wondering why would someone like to choose non-alcoholic beer over the normal one, given that both are readily available!

In spirits, names like Bols Corenwyn & Bols Damrak gin were completely new to me. I was familiar with other names like Ketel one Vodka, Bacardi White Rum, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Johnnie Walker Black label and Aberfeldy Single Malt whiskey.

In Liqueurs, apart from my favorite Baileys Irish Cream , I was unfamiliar with names like Drambuie and Licor 43.

There were also other unfamiliar names like Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2013 & Lillypilly Sweet Harvest, Riverina Australia.

However, the most satisfying was the KLM house made of Belgium Callebaut chocolate which finally settled my taste buds. 

klm royal dutch airlines new business class 787-9 food laid back traveller

A KLM house made of Belgium Callebaut chocolate

After the meal service which lasted about 1-hour, it started to become a bit quiet. It was time to rest the tired mind and body. I managed to get a peaceful and rejuvenating 5-hours of undisturbed sleep in the 9-hour long flight.

klm new world business class full flat seats laid back traveller

After a peaceful 5-hour long break, it was time for the breakfast service.

Breakfast (Served 2 hours before landing)

Breakfast service started about 2-hours prior landing and had fresh fruit salad, brie and Edam cheese, hot rolls and croissants.

There was a choice between Potato and Zucchini frittata, Chocolate chip danish & Yogurt with granola from which I felt like choosing frittata, given my affinity to eggs. Hard boiled egg was also available however I took the jam, since I was already having the frittata.

I had to choose from either a glass of champagne, fresh squeezed apple or orange juice, coffee or assorted tea. Champagne available in the flight was Nicolas Feuillatte, Brut Reserve, France. However, this time I chose orange juice since I was in no mood for champagne in the wee hours of the morning.

klm royal dutch airlines new business class 787-9 food laid back traveller

Sumptuous Breakfast before landing

The Breakfast service ended sometime about 1-hour prior flight landing. I was engrossed in the flick which I started around breakfast.

Much to my surprise, around 30 minute prior flight landing, the steward came with a about 15 pcs of beautiful Porcelain Delft blue miniature traditional Dutch house, filled with Dutch gin, also known as genever. It turned out that since 1952, KLM has given out these Delft blue houses souvenirs to every passenger on World Business Class flights. Presently there are 99 Delft blue houses in the KLM collection. The one which I chose is KLM miniature house #6 – Het Houten Huys (the Wooden House, Begijnhof 34, Amsterdam) built between 1475 & 1530. It is said that the wood in this house is limited to a timber frame and a rare triangular gable.

klm-delft-blue-houses laid back traveller

KLM Delft blue miniature traditional Dutch house #6 – Het Houten Huys (the Wooden House, Begijnhof 34)

Once the flight landed at Amsterdam, business class passengers deplaned prior to the economy passengers.

At the end of my KLM New world business class seats review, I must say that I am looking forward to fly business class once again on the KLM Boeing Dreamliner 787-9. It provided for a perfect Laid Back ride between New Delhi to Amsterdam. It ticked the right check boxes in privacy, comfort and service which made the travel experience enjoyable. The full-flat seats were spacious and comfortable which allowed me to be well rested prior embarking on my onward connection. I loved the friendly service by the polite staff who took care and I appreciate their attention to detail.

Amsterdam laid back traveller

Landing at Amsterdam

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Hope you find this review of business class seats on KLM Boeing 787-9 dreamliner of use to you. Do let us know about your experience if you have flown in the KLM business class too or if we are missing something, please contact us or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are welcome.

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