Lucknow Food Trail

Lucknow the city of Nawab, Adab and Kabab. For foodies like us, the best thing Lucknow has to offer is its food. Lucknow is known for its culinary delights. It’s rich Nawab heritage has given us Awadhi cuisine that our taste buds cannot thank us enough for. Variety of chaats, kababs, lassi, desserts the list is endless and also immensely appealing to the taste buds so make sure to visit Lucknow without a diet plan since you will be reaching food lovers paradise here. If you are interested in a food trail, then Lucknow is the place for you.

Lucknow Food Trail

Lucknow Food Trail

Tunday Kababi

This is probably the most famous kabab of the country. This kabab also has a fascinating story attached to it. Kababs were originally chewy in texture and the Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula asked for a different version after loosing his teeth. He held a competition and offered a royal patronage to the person making the softest kababs. A person named Haji Murad Ali won the accolades and thereupon was born the most succulent and melt-in-your mouth Tunday Kabab. Incidentally, Haji Murad Ali lost his left hand while flying a kite and Tunday means disabled in colloquial language, so the name Tunday kababi came into being.

The melt-in-the-mouth kababs are made with 160 spices and one bite fills your mouth with a plethora of flavors. The recipe has been passed down to his descendants and they continue serving this with other authentic Awadhi dishes. It can be enjoyed as a whole or with a Sheermal or Rumali Roti. Other options on the menu like galauti and Lucknowi Biryani are a must try too. The best part is that all this appetizing stuff is available at very cheap rates. One plate of Tunday Mutton Kababs which has 4 pieces in it, costs just Rs. 84 i.e. Rs. 21 per piece which is equivalent to a car parking rate anywhere in Delhi.

Haji Murad Ali started selling Tunday Kabab in a small shop in the Chowk area of Lucknow, and it still does so. In addition to this there is another outlet in Aminabad which is more recent, easier to reach and more tourist friendly especially for families. This place is filled with people any time of the day and the service is quick. It does not have much of an ambiance but the flavors in the food will make up for it.

Makhan Malai (Daulat ki Chaat)

Makhan Malai or Daulat Ki Chaat (as its known in Delhi) is food for Gods. This winter delicacy is available only for 3 months of November, December and January. If you are visiting Lucknow in these months then trying this out is a must. It’s a desi version of whipped cream but much more flavorsome and intense. It has a light and creamy texture with a burst of kesar and rosewater flavor. The topping of khoya on top makes it even more delectable. In Chowk, there is a area that is designated for stalls selling this winter delight. It costs about Rs. 20 for 50 grams of this mouth-watering delight.


In this age of Colas, there are very few desi drinks that are still considered in vogue and Lassi is one of them. This sweet thick and creamy yogurt based drink is a meal in itself. The addition of thick malai on top makes the taste even more heavenly. This is a perfect respite from the summer months and works great in winters too for digestion. The best place to have it in Lucknow is at Shree Lassi, Chowk.

Lucknowi Biryani

Lucknow Food Trail

Chunky pieces of meat with aromatic, flavorsome and mildly spiced rice is a popular Awadhi dish. The rice is cooked with spices separately and the marinated meat is added to it later giving it a distinct taste. This wholesome meal is widely available all over Lucknow but the best places to have it is at Idris Biryani, Chowk. It’s a roadside stall with no seating but the Awadhi biryani is as authentic as it can be.


Chaat is every Indians weakness and Lucknow has a huge variety of chaat to offer and arguably its the best in India. From Tokri Chaat to Batashe you have to try it all. It is a huge welcome change after all the meat serving joints.


Lucknow Food Trail

After shopping and eating at Aminabad, your last stop has to be at Prakash Kulfi. It’s very close to Tunday Kababi and is a perfect way to end the meal. its famous for its Falooda Kulfi and trust me its one of the best in the country. This sweet creamy dessert is a must try for everyone not only with those having a sweet tooth.


Lucknow Food Trail

A rich creamy dessert made of sweet thickened milk with added seasonings is a sweet lovers fantasy. It’s a very popular North Indian dessert but no one makes it better than Lucknow. It tastes amazing on its own but can also be paired with Jalebis to take the taste to the next level.


Lucknow Food Trail

After gorging on delicious veg or non-veg food, you need a palate cleanser and so here comes the Banarasi Paan in the picture. It’s the perfect way to end a meal. Lucknow is famous for this and you will find paan stalls on every corner. There are huge varieties of stuffings to choose from depending on the season. In summers do not miss the mango stuffed paan at Mehrotra Paan Corner.

How to Reach Lucknow

By Air

Lucknow Airport is connected to all the major cities by air. Maximum flights are via Delhi with a small stopover.

By Train

The train network is even better to reach Lucknow. All major trains especially the north and east stop at Lucknow.

By Road

Lucknow can be reached easily if you are driving down from Delhi via the Yamuna Expressway or else the roads are not that great, so its advisable to consider the other two alternatives.

Where to Stay in Lucknow

Like any other major city in India, Lucknow is filled with options. Depending on your budget you can choose your place of stay here. Some of the places where we liked our stay are:

Novotel, Gomti Nagar

This is a new property in the new part of Lucknow, Gomti Nagar. It lives up to the Novotel standards. The best part is that it is 30 minutes from the airport and very close to other attractions.

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Renaissance, Lucknow

It offers all the amenities of the Marriott Luxury and Lifestyle Hotel Group. If you want to recharge your energy levels then the rooftop infinity pool is just the right place for it.

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Hotel Clarks, Awadh

This place has the best Location. Situated on the banks of Gomti, it’s a mere 4 kms from Lucknow railway station and 15 km from Lucknow airport. The main shopping area of Hazratganj is just a km away. A rooftop restaurant Falaknuma is known for its Awadhi cuisine.

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Did you also experience the amazing foods of Lucknow? Do let us know about your experience at Lucknow or if we are missing something, please contact us or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are welcome.

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