10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel

Everyone hopes for a holiday. Visiting new places has its own charm. But the pocket limits the desires. This need not be the case always. Foreign locales are also very much affordable. All you need is a bit of planning and research and off you can go for a budget family holiday. And to help you with that we have compiled a list of 10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India.

To make any destination pocket friendly, the timing of travel and the planning for it is the most important aspect. If you can plan well in advance, to travel in the so-called shoulder season which is between the peak and off-peak season, then you can enjoy a rather relaxed pocket friendly travel and that too with less crowds. This is the time when the vacationers have left and the place has finally got back its wide open spaces. This is when the smart traveller makes use of great deals.

Now, the budget for visiting any destination involves 6 components – airfare, accommodation, food, sightseeing, commute and visa fee.

So to make the destination pocket friendly, primarily you need to optimize the cost on airfare and accommodation. With a bit of planning, control on your impulses and smart decisions, this can be easily achieved. Even there can be savings on sightseeing and food to a certain extent, without compromising too much on comfort.

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With regards to accommodation, the least rate for any given hotel/resort is available when booked at least 21 days in advance. Check out my post on booking accommodation mentioning the best OTA.

With this in mind, I have 3 amazing destinations in mind which can be visited even with families with kids which perhaps is the only way I want to and know how to travel.

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel 

10. Cambodia

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India Cambodia

This countries traumatic past along with its history and architecture makes it very high on our bucket list. We are now in the process of planning our travel to this affordable country where the biggest cost lies only with the airfares. Once we get that sorted out by getting the lowest fares for our acceptable travel dates, then other expenditure such as accommodation, sightseeing options and food is quite affordable. Phnom Penh and Siam Reap are the two cities we are planning to visit in Cambodia where lies the famous and world’s largest temples – the Angkor Wat temples.

You can subscribe to our blog and we will update you with our travel itinerary, budget and guide to Cambodia once we complete our travel there. The Shoulder season for Cambodia is April and October. As we missed the opportunity for cheap flights in April so now we are planning to visit Cambodia in October.

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9. Vietnam

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India Halong Bay Vietnam

Exotic natural beauty with a compelling heritage, Vietnam is surreal. The mesmerizing Halong Bay to the striking caves of Phong Nha Ke Bang are declared as Vietnam World Heritage site by UNESCO. The breathtaking natural landscapes of North Vietnam has lush green rice fields scattered with people working in them with conical hats. The south has the hustle bustle of the Mekong Delta. Nha Trang and Da Nang have really good beaches for surfing. Combine this with it’s the rich history and Vietnam is a perfect destination for budget travel. The cost of living in Vietnam is low so you will not be spending much on travel around , hotels and food. The country has varied seasons all over its expanse so any time of the year you will find something that suits your interests. Moreover, its easy to travel to other neighboring countries like Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar from Vietnam.

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8. Thailand

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India Thailand

Known as a Bachelors Paradise but there are quite some places in Thailand that are family friendly too. The temple ruins of Chiang Mai is a great adventure for the entire family. The Similan Islands are great for snorkeling. Sukhothai is great for family bonding while biking together while seeing the old city. Bangkok popular for its night life is also great for theme parks and animal attractions including Kidzania. Krabi and Phuket have beautiful beaches. The best part is that the people are friendly and the food options are abundant. The shoulder season is June just after the rains and before the tourist inflow starts in July.

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7. Indonesia

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India Indonesia

Bali “the Island of gods”, in Indonesia is a very popular tourist attraction. Although similarities have been drawn between Bali and Goa, even called by some as “International Goa” however, its unique culture, natural attractions, friendly people, pleasant climate, lush green surroundings create a magic leaving all mesmerized in Bali. What makes Bali even more special is to experience its customs and traditions, to witness the rituals and ceremonies in their daily life revolving around the temples. Although Bali has predominantly a Hindu population, it’s quite different from the Hinduism we know of in India. It’s amazing to see how the belief in gods, spirits, ancestors, demons are important to the Balinese people. Seeing them making small artistic offerings of items like rice, flowers, fruits to them. Sense the calmness in the villages. To see the proud women working in the rice terraces. Experience Bali’s holy mountain, Gunung Agung in its glory. On top of all that, Bali provides a very safe and secure environment for all who visit.

Although there are other amazing places in Indonesia with pristine beaches, volcanic mountains, marine and wildlife such as Yogyakarta, Raja Ampat Islands, Sulawesi, Flores, Lombok and the famous Komodo National Park, however high cost of travel to these remote areas makes it an expensive affair. So we had decided to stick to Bali with our family. If you are planning a family trip to Bali, you may wish to check out our earlier blog post on Bali family holidays. The Shoulder season for Bali is also April and October.

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6. Singapore

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India

The Tiny Island-State of Singapore has abundant family attractions for kids. There are attractions that suit all age groups. The confluence of cultures found here and the urbanization, make Singapore a most sought after destination in Asia. No matter how many days you plan to stay here, there will always be something left for the next visit. While travelling as a family, we not only makes deposits in the memory banks of children but also ignite their imagination. Travelling creates memories that children cherish forever. It’s always better to travel to a kid friendly destination and Singapore is the perfect place to create memories. The entire country is very well-connected by public transport and all you need is a travel card to save on the huge taxi fares. the shoulder season is April to October. The rains may play a spoil sport but it does rain almost all year round so of you can bear that then its a great location to spend your money.

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5. Malaysia

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India Malaysia

Malaysia is a great to country to visit with warm people, great food, rich culture, good attractions and easy on the pocket too. Air Asia flights make travelling to Malaysia ll the more cheaper. Travelling within Malaysia is cheap too. There are many places that have duty-free shopping too. Places like Langkawi, Genting Highlands, Perhentian Islands, Penang are tourist friendly with amazing attractions. The Taxi fares are regulated by the Government so its less likely to get cheated. For more pocket friendly options you can plan Malaysia in June just after the sweltering heat of April and May and before the Rain Gods arrive.

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4. Phillipines

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India Philippines

Why Philippines? Scenic locales, warm people, great food, really affordable, easy to travel around are reasons enough to visit this beautiful country. The people here are very friendly and kids are always given a lot of attention so its perfect for family travel. Apart from Manila, the beaches of Cebu and Bohol are great for kayaking and snorkeling. Apart from all this, the shopping is inexpensive too. The shoulder season to visit Philippines is in the months of April and May.

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3. UAE – Dubai

Dubai is like a Pandora Box for kids. From beaches to deserts, from huge aquariums to Lego-land Dubai has it all. The vibrant cosmopolitan city of Dubai offers a plethora of activities. An avid traveller can choose anything from a famous tourist attraction to an unexplored secret. The outstanding architecture, the amazing shopping malls, the exciting theme parks, the adventurous desert safari, make Dubai one of the most visited cities for family travel. The metro connectivity is very good so you can skip the taxis and save on the travel too. The best time to travel here is in early September through October, when the camel racing has just begun and the temperature has started cooling with hotels coming up with discounts to lure back tourists.

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2. Sri Lanka

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India Sri Lanka

The best part about travelling to Sri Lanka is that you do not need any tour agency to book your tour. It’s a very easy country to travel in. Moreover its very easy on the pocket and even extravagant tours cost much less than other countries. The best sights are observed from a train journey and tuk-tuks are easily available and happily take you around for local sight-seeing. From temples, beaches, old cities to scenic tea plantations Sri Lanka has it all. The food is amazing and affordable too. You can easily cover the entire country on a budget irrespective of the shoulder season.

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1. Bhutan

10 Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India Bhutan

“The Land of the Thunder Dragon” is an intriguing nation. Being easy to travel for Indians since you do not need any visa for entering Bhutan. This beautiful country’s constitution follows Gross National Happiness rather than Gross National Product. 72% percent of Bhutan is under forest cover and it is a carbon neutral country. It’s a biodiversity hot-spot. It’s a country of mountains and valleys and natural beauty. The journey of this beautiful place starts with the incredible view of the snow peaked Himalayas as the plane touches Bhutan. The valleys covered with Rhododendrons are a sight to behold. Buddhism is reflected in the entire country. The best part of Bhutan are its warm, simple and multi-ethnic people. You won’t find any pesticides/chemicals in their food since all of it is home-grown and organic. With zero pollution and stunning landscapes, it is a must visit destination to forget the pressures of city life, disconnect yourself from the clutches of modernization and reconnect with your inner self.

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Hope you find this post on “Budget Friendly Countries for Family Travel From India” of use to you. Have you also done any trips to these countries with kids? What was your experience? Do let us know about your experience or if I am missing something, please contact us or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are most welcome.

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  1. The list is really useful for me if I plan to take my parents along with me keeping budget in mind. These places are not very expensive. Thanks for listing them out. I have already been to Cambodia, Dubai, Bhutan, and Vietnam and currently living in Thailand.

    • So glad to know that this post is useful to you. Asian countries are not very expensive and its easy to follow a budget. Thailand is an a lovely country and sure has some very exotic places.

  2. We are able to travel more often simply because we look for budget friendly destinations. My favorites from this list are Philippines and Indonesia. I will probably visit Sri Lanka next since a tour agency is not needed.

    • Budget Friendly Destinations is a great way to see more for less. Sri Lanka is an amazing place and yes you need not book a tour agency. The locals are warm and Friendly and are more than happy to guide tourists.

  3. It is great you listed out budget friendly countries for travel as traveling itself is a very expensive affair. I have been to Sir Lanka, Dubai and Thailand and love them. I would love to now go for Indonesia and Cambodia. Also in all of these places there are many luxury resort options which we can afford.

    • Travelling for us is a mix of both luxurious as well as budget. Some places we love to splurge but sometimes strictly follow a budget too. These countries it is easy to follow a budget. Indonesia And Cambodia are exotic places. You would love them.

  4. Jane Dempster-Smith

    This is a great list of budget countries, I had never thought of Bhutan. I was really interested in reading your comments on each country. Thanks.

  5. There are so many countries especially in Asia which are great for budget travel. One of our favourite destinations is Cambodia. We were there for about 10 days last year and absolutely loved it, there is so much more to discover here than just Angkor Wat.

  6. Most of the Asian countries are budget friendly.I used to think that Bhutan travel is costly, surprised to this on your list.May be, my perception about it was wrong. Want to visit cambodia and srilanka for its rich culture and architecture.

  7. Eileen Cotter Wright

    I think Sri Lanka is great for families. So much to see and do! Especially the elephant safaris and cool beach towns. Great suggestions for all of these!

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