Singapore Night Safari – A Family Night Out

 There is something mystifying about nocturnal creatures. Amiable as well as wild. Imagine visiting these creatures in their own private enclosures in complete darkness. The Singapore Night Safari does just that and the results are enthralling.

Singapore night safari - lion -

 The King of Beasts!!

Singapore has a lot to offer at night. The nightlife scene is budding with the choice of clubs and pubs but why not do a complete spin-off and visit the worlds first wildlife night park instead and love every minute of it.

Singapore night safari -

The Malayan Tiger rests in its enclosure

Singapore Night Safari Tickets

You need an entry ticket to enter the Night Safari and it is advisable to book your tickets online to save time and energy as you can then skip the long ticketing queues. The lines are more long on weekends and the sweltering heat adds to the woes. Online entry ticket options are good on discounts also. We bought our tickets from Klook Travel, with good discounts, very convenient and the booking confirmations came instantly.

Pro Tip: Try to club Singapore zoo, River safari and Singapore Night Safari on the same day. They are in the same area so you will end up saving a lot of travelling time since it’s in the outskirts of the main Singapore city. It can be managed with kids too. There are plenty of food options but the only deterrent can be the humid weather. Take Tram rides wherever possible to save up on your energy and for small kids a stroller is a must.

Singapore night safari -

There is so much more in between the Black and White!

Night Safari Timings

The Night Safari is open from 7:15pm to midnight. The admission hours are 7:15pm, 8:15pm, 9:15pm and 10:15pm.

Pro Tip: Please reach the venue well in advance to secure good seats for the show. It tends to get crowded and unorganized especially on weekends so reach well ahead of your entry time.

Night Safari Shows

Singapore night safari -

Striped Hyena- Mainly nocturnal in nature but seen napping here

Thumbuakar Show

As we wait for the night safari admissions to begin we are entertained by a group of pyro warriors with foot tapping music and amazing stunts. not to miss their jaw dropping flame throwing demonstration.

Creatures of the Night Show

Every creature is special with its unique abilities and skills and this 20 minute interactive show gives us a glimpse of these amazing animals are capable of. The rain-forest themed set with an entertaining presenter makes it a must watch.

Below are some of the Super stars of The Creatures of the Night Show:

Singapore night safari -

The Majestic Owl – The Star of the Creatures of the Night Show

Singapore night safari -

The Serval known for its ability to leap vertically and catch its prey!

Singapore night safari -

The inquisitive Raccoon!

The nocturnal Raccoons may be a pest for many but here they are trained to do what they know best i.e. work with thrash. The raccoon is not only picks up the litter but also places the garbage in its designated bins according to organic or recyclable.

Singapore night safari -

The bewildering Binturong!

The most amusing creature for my kid was the Binturong. With a face like a cat, the body of a bear, a tail like a monkey which was as long as its body more so, it smelled like buttered popcorn, the Binturong is surely a fascinating animal.

Night Safari Experience

A tram ride takes us across the 6 geographical forest zones, to experience the natural inhabitant creatures of that area after sunset. The tram guide also shares interesting snippets about the animals.

Here are some of the Exhibits:

Singapore night safari -

The Himalayan Thar of the Himalayan foothills zone

Singapore night safari -

The Nocturnal Fishing Cat known for its fishing skills!

Singapore night safari -

The Elephant in the Room!

If you still crave for more you can also take the walking trail to get a closer look of the animals.

Singapore night safari -

The Wallaby Trail!

 Singapore night safari -

The very Popular Leopard Trail!

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