Singapore Zoo – A Complete Family Experience

The Tiny Island-State of Singapore has abundant family attractions for kids but what excited my kid most was the Singapore Zoo. The rain-forest themed zoo housing more than 300 animal species, is fascinating for kids and adults alike. The freely roaming animals and interactive sessions with them make it an experience to cherish.

Singapore Zoo - Zebra -

Zebra – The Horse Behind Bars

How To Reach

The best way the Singapore Zoo is via the MRT. You can take the red line MRT and alight at any one of these stations: Chua Chu Kang or Ang Mo Kio. From the stations itself just take a connecting bus to reach directly at the Singapore Zoo entrance.  During Sundays and public holidays special connecting buses run from MRT stations Marsiling and Woodlands; also on the red line.

Pro Tip 1: Its best to buy and top up an Ezlink card which can be used to travel seamlessly on the MRT and bus. It may even be used to travel on the Sentosa Express Line while entering Sentosa Island.

My Lil one is all Smiles, At Singapore Zoo

Entry Tickets

You need an entry ticket to enter the Zoo and it is advisable to book your tickets online to save time and energy as you can then skip the long ticketing queues. The lines are more long on weekends and the sweltering heat adds to the woes. Online entry ticket options are good on discounts also. We bought our tickets from Klook Travel, with good discounts, very convenient and the booking confirmations came instantly.

Pro Tip 2: Try to reach the zoo close to the opening timings. Then you can also visit the River Safari and Night Safari in the same day. All the three are in close proximity to each other and you will save on valuable travel time since the zoo is quite far from Singapore City.


The Experience

The impression of a zoo, what we had in mind was that of animals caged, alone in an enclosure that in no way resemble their natural habitat. so here we were in a bit of shock. This was nothing like that in fact Singapore Zoo was more like an interactive experience with the animals.

Orangutan - Singapore Zoo -

The Free Ranging Orangutan

As soon as we entered the zoo my kid squealed in delight seeing the free ranging orangutans swinging and playing around in a perfectly crafted rain-forest environment completely free to do their own thing. There are feeding sessions also at particular timings. You can also have Breakfast with Orangutans.


Ready for the Attack

There is a viewing galaxy for the lion exhibit. A huge viewing glass separates the lion enclosure and the people.The exhibits have a lion and 2 lionesses. The 3 beasts were lazing around in the sun, when suddenly something in the viewing gallery caught the lioness fancy. She stealthily walked towards us and all of a sudden raised her body and charged towards the children. Fortunately the viewing glass was strong enough to endure the attack. The children including mine were left dumbfounded.

The King of Beasts

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Animal Interaction

Try not to miss the stunning animal shows where the entertaining presenters familiarize us with the amazing creatures while the animals show us how captivating they are.

The Elephants at Work and Play Show 

Pro Tip 3: Reach the show venue at least 20 minutes in advance to get front row seats.

Shows1st Timing2nd TimingVenue
Splash Safari Show10.30am5.00pmShaw Foundation Amphitheater
Animal Friends Show11.00am4.00pmRainforest Kidzworld Amphitheater
Elephants at Work &
Play Show
11.30am3.30pmElephants of Asia
Rainforest Fights
Back Show
12.30pm2.30pmShaw Foundation Amphitheater

There are also dedicated feeding timings, where you can feed the exhibits.

Pro Tip 4: If you intend to feed an exhibit plan ahead so that you reach the enclosure well in time. The feeds are limited and on first come first serve basis.

Glimpses of Exhibits at Singapore Zoo

On the Wallaby Track

Hippo Flippo!!

Showed my kid a Tiger before they become part of History

Polar BEARly Awake

Don’t Call me Nosy!! Proboscis or The Long Nosed Monkey

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Hope you find this blog of use to you. Do let us know about your experience at Singapore Zoo or in case I am missing something, please contact us or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are welcome.

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