The Three Things that I will Burn this Weekend

Holi celebrates the victory of good over evil. We often look for evils in the outside world but more often than not, the evil exits within us.

Holi is a festival which my 5-year-old looks forward to the entire year. My little one and her friends all geared up with their water guns and water balloons ready to soak up (literally) all the colors and magic of the fun-filled festival. Amidst all the pandemonium something caught my attention and it did flag my instincts. My kiddo all of 4 years was busy ordering and bossing around the other kids. What annoyed me was that she was using the same words and phrases I use while talking to her. It felt like looking into a mirror reflecting my own actions. It dawned on me that I was restricting her childhood and playfulness by curbing her creativity. So “the first thing that I will burn this weekend” is my controlling and authoritative parenting style after all childhood is a flower that needs to be tended with gentle love and care not be smothered down with over bearing restrictions.

I have always been a reserved person. I normally tend to get nervous about chatting with people after the customary greetings are done with. It’s not that I have anything to hide but I like to put up a barrier to restrict people from entering and reading my mind. I know its sounds weird and trust me even I know it is. The reference to my behavior is my extrovert kiddo. So “the second thing that I will burn this weekend” is my recluse nature. I have already made an effort to do this by writing about my feelings through my blog and it’s actually exhilarating.

Holi is known for triumph of good over evil so “the third thing that I will burn this weekend” is my worst enemy – my impatience. The main prerequisite for being a parent is having astronomic amounts of patience. Trust me, my patience levels have increased fore-folds in these last 5 years but there’s still a long way to go. Working on it and my willpower to do so will surely help me.

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