9 Reasons Why NOT To Visit Universal Studios, Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

Family Bonding!

There are numerous posts all over the Internet telling you how awesome Universal Studios, Singapore is; this is perhaps the first one one telling you why not to visit it. Here are the reasons.

1. Klook will spoil you with Discounts!

The Dino Soaring Ride!

Klook Offers heavy discounts on the Universal Studios, Singapore ticket price. We did not believe they actually do that, so gave it a try and entering the Studios amidst the huge crowds was a breeze. The Universal Studios, Singapore Express Passes made the attractions even more time saving and hassle free.



2. Kid Never Stopped Smiling!

On her Favorite Madagascar Character Marty!!

The magic at Universal studios never ceases to amaze kids adults alike. My Kiddo loved it so much that no other attraction or experience can overcome it. She has seen the best. Family Bonding at its peak.


3. You will Overeat!


Singapore universal studios food themes

Gastronomical Delight!

Universal studios singapore food kiosks themes

Marilyn’s Outlet!

Universal studios is not only a visual fantasy  but a gastronomic fantasy too. The numerous food and drink outlets dedicated to the 7  different movie – themed zones will make you visit them all and you will definitely end up up overeating.

Check out the Universal Studios, Singapore Map


4. Excitement Overload!

The Carousel!!

Universal Studios ticks all the boxes for excitement and thrills that you are spoilt for choice. You just want to experience it all n cannot decide which attraction to go for next. I am not talking of only the heat stopping roller coasters but the others like the Shrek 4D adventure is equally thrilling.  In-fact, I am not ashamed to admit that I ended up enjoying the carousel ride more than my 5 year old.

5. Shopping Never Ceases!

Kiddo and her Minion Shopping!

Every themed zone has its own retail franchise shops selling stuff that makes your heart melt! A little retail therapy never hurts but the problem here is it will not stay little.

6. You get to live your Dreamworld!

The 1920s Inspired New York Street!

Did you ever dream about spending a day in a Fairy castle Far Far Away or stepping right into Hollywood Boulevard or even strolling through a 1920’s inspired hyper stylized New York! Universal Studios, Singapore rides will turn this dream into reality and then who will not have any dream left!!

7.  Erases the thin line between real and reel!

Kiddo with her Fav Transformer Bumblebee!

My kid finally realized her favorite auto-bot Bumblebee cannot actually save the world from an Apocalypse, it can only do that in an Universal Studios Ride or a movie. Nevertheless she was all too glad when he obliged her with a click.

8. Become a Movie Buff if your not one already!!

Sesame Street Show – When I grow Up!

Ever imagined yourself in a movie being chased down by the Golden Age Mummy or your very own city being torn into pieces by giant fighting robots! This place can make it happen and will leave you asking for more. The best was an incredible special effects show Lights Camera Action! hosted by Steven Spielberg; which will change the way you look at movies.

9. You will run out of space on your memory card!

The Universal Studios is so beautifully built and the 7 zones are so true to their theme that you will go on clicking pictures leaving no space for your other travel pics.


Done for the day but do not want the day to end!

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Hope you find this blog of use to you. Do let us know about your experience at Universal studios, Singapore or in case I am missing something, please contact us or comment below and I will update this blog soon. Your comments and/or feedback are most welcome.

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